Travel & culture writer, Amanda Smith, uses her lifestyle as the canvas for her stories

Writing, much like any other creative form, evolves in time. You wouldn’t expect a modern romantic film to display the same social-sexual conduct of the 1950’s and the tone of a writer in 2018 is similarly progressive.

It seems as if the way that we communicate changes with each passing month due to the connection the internet has provided. News, business, and entertainment have all become malleable to this and yet strive to maintain a sense of identity.

Amanda Smith was enlisted by Australia’s The Upsider as culture and business writer because of her proficiency in navigating this modern platform with eloquence and intelligence. Simply put, Smith understands the modern tone a writer needs to take, in order to get attention, without the need for sensationalism.

The Upsider (the country’s premium lifestyle and culture website) attracts 2.7 million readers every two weeks, meaning that Amanda’s writing reaches the same amount of people as hit TV series like The Voice, Empire, The Bachelor, and others. It takes a lot of talent, ability, and relevance to be a professional writer these days; Amanda Smith’s work is a prime example of how to do it well.

Writing for The Upsider is the type of position that you can never be completely prepared for. During her time there, Smith has written about such eclectic topics as music concerts, hypnotists, theatre, cryptocurrency, inventions by tech wiz Elon Musk, and nearly anything you can imagine.

It’s the type of job that requires practical application of a skill rather than encyclopaedic knowledge. In writing terms, it’s about being a good conversationalist rather than a master of details. This doesn’t dissuade Amanda from thorough investigation and research on her topics, but does dictate that the manner in which information is related is of equal importance.

As a product of Junkee Media (one of Australia’s most acclaimed media companies), The Upsider is pushed through oOh!Media into over 4,000 screens in offices and locations nationally, as well as online. Modern writers like Amanda are fully aware that readers don’t want to be “talked at” but prefer to feel part of a conversation.

She informs, “I do a lot of copywriting work with brands so I have to know how to engage readers with emails and social media. I approach it in the way of community building rather than trying to make a buck. If I have an active blog that gives me the platform to report on things that commercial media can’t, in time, I’ll attract the right people.”

“From there, once the trust has been built, I introduce books & other resources that they might be interested in. It’s important to keep your writing voice strong, no matter what media you’re working in. I also think there’s an advantage for journalists who move online because the digital space needs ethical, fact-driven writers.”

Her work for The Upsider isn’t just informative, it’s transformative. In the piece “How To Discover Antigua, The Forgotten Capital of Guatemala” Amanda verbally illustrated the exotic Spanish colonial town with an active volcano, cobblestone streets, and magnificent coffee produced from a one-hundred-year old local farm.

Smith’s style is indicative of a professional familiar with tradition but evolving congruent to society. Her writing is what social media aspires to be: intelligent, informative, well-spoken, witty, and creating a sense of connection. Amanda describes, “I believe many writers, especially bloggers, are too descriptive and just focus on clickbait headline writing. Readers are smarter than this and want substance to the content. My writing has depth; it’s emotive and eloquent yet aspirational and always encourages the reader’s curiosity.”

Her years as a travel writer have equipped Smith with a palette of varied colours with which to paint any story. From Adelaide to Antigua, Egypt to Europe, Amanda Smith puts pen to paper….rather, finger to keyboard to enchant curious readers everywhere.

Kelly King writes for numerous popular online media outlets in addition to being a staff writer for NYC & LA based/internationally published Drumhead magazine.

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