DREAM STUDIOS: Fresh Name, Well Established Talent

(By Kelly James)

Stop for a moment and listen. Music is all around you. In the background of an advertisement, in the theme to a film (or the score), coming from the windows in a passing car, accompanying the action to the video game that you or your children might be playing, on your smartphone; it’s ubiquitous. Whereas the use of music had traditionally been segmented, these days it’s more fluid and cross-pollinated along many varied mediums. Those who create and supply this sonic kaleidoscope to our daily lives are more in demand than perhaps ever before. Companies such as Dream Studios are solidifying the ideal model of modern day music creators and suppliers. Dealing with some of the most recognized and respected names in the field and supplying the sounds to just about any type of production, Dream Studios has an A-list pedigree that vets them as one of the most influential entities in the marketplace.

Headed by CEO Fei Yu, Dream Studios provides comprehensive music services and tailor made soundtracks to film, television, & video games in virtually every imaginable manner. Their 360-degree service offers IP consulting and clearance, album customization for musicians, and even creative training camps. Dream Studios offers something equally beneficial to filmmakers, recording artists, composers, and essentially any creative professional connected to music. Fei Yu was in the midst of a prosperous career in the Chinese film industry as a recording engineer and music editor but recognized the exponentially larger creative opportunities should she widen her skill set and influence. Delving into the worlds of music production and music supervision, Fei soon found herself working with the elite of both China and the US on such eclectic projects as feature films, video games, working with popular recording artists, and more (with the assistance of investor Ding Lei). It became commonplace for her to be included on projects working with some of the most acclaimed composers and artists in the world; whom she has enlisted in her latest venture Dream Studios.

Anyone who has undertaken a new creative endeavor will tell you that, while it’s essential to be the best at what you do, it’s just as important to have name recognition. The immediate success of Dream Studios is a result of both these factors. Fei’s prior respect in the film and music world resulted in many of the most recognized and respected names in these fields inclusion on the Dream Studio roster. Discussing some of the members of the Dream Studios artists Fei remarks, “Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Interstellar, Sky Hunter) is definitely one of the most amazing composer/producers in the world. Working with him is an inspiring experience because he is always open to different ideas, doing brainstorms, and receptive to my insight on a film. Tyler Bates (Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool 2, John Wick, Viaje magico a Africa) is exceptional and has such a mastery of a contemporary hybrid style; it’s very unique and captivating. Matthew Margeson (Kingsman, Wreck it Ralph, Skyline, Onmyoji) has a magnificent way of making music layered and mysterious. I’ve worked with Neal Acree (Revelation, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Animal World) so many times that we have an almost ESP like ability to communicate. In terms of capturing the style of eastern music for a production, he’s one of the absolute leaders. Gordy Haab (Halo, Star Wars on the Front Lines, Walking Dead, Land of Glory) is one of the greatest composer that I have ever worked with. Simply amazing!”

Dream Studios has not resigned itself to work in the film, TV, and video game realm, though that in itself would be an incredible venture. Committed to a varied approach and the ability to cater to almost any client, the popular recording artists who have utilized the talents of Dream Studios include singer Lu Han (who topped both the Billboard Hot and the Peak List, also achieving 36.22 million hits on Sina Weibo and 630,000 reposts), Li Yifeng (topped the list of best sellers on Netease digital albums the fourth day after rollout with an astounding 100,000 copies sold in 50 minutes, 588,581 copies sold in 72 hours, and 1,108.170 copies sold to date), and others. Dream Studios is squarely planted in the popular music market, equal to its prominence in film and video games.

The goals of Dream Studios and its founder/CEO are lofty. Fei Yu’s skill has always attracted the work of big projects and the very successful names attached to them but she saw more in her future. She declares, “I want to help shape the music industry back into something that makes people happy to pay for music again. I could have stayed comfortable where I was or I could choose to work towards making an impact on the industry. I’ve always believed that when you stand on the shoulders of giants you can see farther and you also set things up for the next generation to see farther.” Dreams Studios media partners include: Universal Music Group, Sony/ATV, Warner Chapple, Disney Music Group, Capitol Studios, Abbey Road Studios, and LE LAB Mastering. Working with these well-established giants of the music/entertainment world places Dream Studios in an ideal spot to see well into the future.



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Kelly King writes for numerous popular online media outlets in addition to being a staff writer for NYC & LA based/internationally published Drumhead magazine.