Excellence of the Acting Persuasion with Director Qiyu Zhou

The vision of a film is first conceived in a director’s mind. It may be difficult to find a “new” story to tell, meaning that the originality of a production often resides in the director’s concept of how to tell the…

(Xi Wang — Animator and Digital Artist)

For Animator and Digital Artist Xi Wang, technology’s connection to the artistic perspective means more opportunities than ever before. In a very literal sense, it means creating works of art that human beings can interact with rather than simply gaze upon. Installations at world famous museums, live events for major…

Zhe Song Editing Qafas

It sometimes seems that humans will never learn that war is something which only yields negative results for both sides of the equation. This seemingly obvious facet requires an explanation for every new generation and new war. In 2020, there is no better presentation of this than the film Qafas

Singer, songwriter, and music producer Sonia Schmidt is a walking dichotomy and that’s no insult. The contradictions in her music are the push and pull that culminate in greatness. Painfully honest while remaining defiantly convicted to her own vision and methodology, this European talent has crafted her own signature style…

(Director Barnaby Blackburn and producer James Drew)

As we approach the Oscars, one might consider the UK’s version of these awards known as BAFTA. Prominent among this year’s nominees is the film Wale which, in addition to its recognition from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, has also been Academy Awards shortlisted in addition to…


Kelly King writes for numerous popular online media outlets in addition to being a staff writer for NYC & LA based/internationally published Drumhead magazine.

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